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Summer Holidays 2014

Our office will be closed the following dates:

June 30th and July 1st - Canada Day celebrations

July 28th through August 4th - Vacation!


New Breadboard Adapter Catalog Available

We've just finished putting together a catalog of all our solderless breadboard adapters in a convenient, downloadable document.  Click here to open it.

For Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, you'll find a handy ribbon cable adapter (ADIDC26-M) that enables you to breakout the 26-pin I/O connector to a solderless breadboard, for building and troubleshooting your own interface circuits.  If you need ribbon cables, we make those too.  In fact, we offer a handy bundle with a ribbon cable and adapter to make life easier!

For those using the STM32F4 Discovery Board, breakout the 50-pin I/O headers with our handy ribbon cables and ADIDC50-M adapters for your solderless breadboard!

And if you're using the Altera's DE0-Nano Development Board, you'll find breaking out the 40-pin headers is easy, using our ADIDC40-M and some 40-conductor ribbon cables.

Do you need to breakout a fine-pitch JTAG or SWD cable to a breadboard?  Check out our new 10-pin and 20-pin half-pitch adapters for solderless breadboard!

Whether you're building a MIDI project, trying to interface an XBee RF module, or needing to do 3V/5V logic level translation for SPI or I2C, you'll find a breadboard adapter in our lineup that will make your life easier!

If you prefer to browse online, click on Store, in the navigation bar, and select the Breadboard Adapters category.