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Quad CAN Messaging Module
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Quad CAN Messaging Module

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Providing an alternative to traditional high-cost CAN tools, this standalone box can be dedicated to ECU simulations, factory test automation, firmware validation, or any other application implementing CAN.  Based on the proven Freescale/NXP industry workhorse MC9S12DP512 microcontroller, this module provides four CAN channels and a USB interface, housed in a robust enclosure.  MCU memory resources include 512K Flash, 8K EEPROM, and 12K RAM.  Load it with your customized firmware and it’s ready to be put into continuous trouble-free operation.  Two CAN channels are assigned to each of the two 9-pin D-sub connectors, designed to be used with the Vector 05075 CANcable 2Y or equivalent, for a total of four channels.  Also usable as a two-channel CAN module if using standard 9-pin D-sub cables.


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