Dual-row Receptacle Adapter, 50-pinDual-row Receptacle Adapter, 60-pin

Dual-row Receptacle Adapter, 50-pin, right-angle
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Dual-row Receptacle Adapter, 50-pin, right-angle

Order Code: ADHDR50-FRA
Price: USD $6.50

Product Info

  • plug circuit boards into your breadboard as easily as DIPs!
  • test or develop interfaces to virtually any kind of circuit board in your solderless breadboard
  • virtually any small circuit module with a dual-row 0.1"-center connector can be used
  • perfect for students, technicians, engineers, and hobbyists!
  • compact design
  • gold-plated 0.025" square-pin terminations
  • rows spaced 0.3" apart to plug into standard solderless breadboard
  • takes minimum real estate on breadboard
  • gives maximum access to tie-points
  • quality 2-layer plated-through FR-4 board


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