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breakout board, TSSOP or SOIC to 16-pin DIPbreakout board, T/SSOP to 20-pin DIP

breakout board, wide SO-28 to 28-pin DIP
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breakout board, wide SO-28 to 28-pin DIP

Order Code: DIP2SO28
Price: USD $2.25

Product Info

  This is a blank breakout board with a surface-mount pattern for wide SO devices up to 28 pins. Two rows of pads are provided, on 0.1" centers, to accommodate standard 0.025" square pins, round pins, or wires. Distance between the two rows of pads is 0.6", designed so that it could be plugged into a standard wide DIP socket or a solderless breadboard. Manufactured by Technological Arts.


  • suitable for use with any chip supplied in a 20-pin to 28-pin wide (300 mil) SO package
  • ideal for mounting microcontrollers and memory chips
  • device to be mounted should have a 300 mil body width, with 50 mil pin spacing
  • direct one-to-one pin-numbering
  • solder-masked and plated for easier chip mounting
  • converts to a standard 0.6-inch DIP footprint


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