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Diff Amp Module, 8-channel

Order Code: AD11DIFF8
USD $199.00
Designed for precision buffering and amplification of analog signals derived from various sensors, the outputs of this board can be connected directly to MCU analog inputs. 
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Adapt11 Quad Motor Driver Module

Order Code: AD11QMDM
USD $29.00
Drive 2 bipolar steppers or 4 DC motors at up to 1 Amp per channel. 
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Adapt11 High-current Quad Motor Driver Module

Order Code: AD11QMDMH
USD $39.00
Drive 2 bipolar steppers or 4 DC motors at up to 2 Amps per channel. 
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Demo Card for all "Adapt"-series MCU Modules

Order Code: AD9S12DEMH1
USD $29.00
Low-cost add-on module provides a broad selection of peripherals for learning hardware interface programming techniques. 
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Servo/Sensor Interface Module for "Adapt" series products

Order Code: AD9S12SSIM
USD $39.00

Application Eval Card for Adapt H1 connector

Order Code: AMPS-EVALH1
USD $109.00
Make learning more fun and productive with this multi-function modular evaluation and training board! 
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Display/Kbrd/Keypad Interface, 20x4 backlit LCD, rear-facing

Order Code: DKKIR/LCD20X4LB
USD $15.00
Multi-feature user interface board with 4-line 20-character back-lit LCD 
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