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Adapt9S12NE is a compact, modular implementation of Freescale's 9S12NE64 microcontroller chip. The 9S12 family is backward-compatible with 68HC12 (and 68HC11), and utilizes the latest process technology. By shrinking feature size, more functionality can be put on a chip, reducing power consumption and cost, while increasing operating speed. Adapt9S12NE is an ideal low-cost platform that brings these advantages within easy reach of engineers, students, and hobbyists. The flexible design of the entire Adapt12 series microcontroller products supports all aspects of training, evaluation, development, prototyping, and OEM use.

Adapt9S12NE64 Embedded Ethernet MCU Module

Order Code: AD9S12NE64M
USD $119.00
DISCONTINUED! Module based on 9S12NE64 MCU with on-chip 10/100 Ethernet. The 9S12NE64 has been discontinued by Freescale, so quantities of this board are very limited. 
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