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1-Amp diode, pack of 10

Order Code: 1N4007-10
USD $1.00

Switching Diode, Pack of 10

Order Code: 1N4148-10
USD $0.50
switching diode, pack of 10 
Product Details...

28C256 EEPROM, 32Kx8, DIP

Order Code: 28C256P
USD $11.00
USD $8.25
You Save: 25.00%
32Kx8 parallel EEPROM in 28-pin DIP package 
Product Details...

2N3904 transistor

Order Code: 2N3904
USD $0.25

2N3906 transistor

Order Code: 2N3906
USD $0.25

34164P-5 LVI chip

Order Code: 34164P-5
USD $1.00

MCU, 68HC11E0CFN2, 52-pin PLCC

Order Code: 68HC11E0CFN2
USD $25.00

MCU, 68HC11E1CFN3, 52-pin PLCC

Order Code: 68HC11E1CFN3
USD $27.00


Order Code: 68HC11E9BCFN2
USD $28.00

68HC24 Port Replacement Unit, 68HC24FN, 44-pin PLCC chip

Order Code: 68HC24FN
USD $22.00

74C922 Keypad Encoder Chip

Order Code: 74C922N
USD $19.00
Hard-to-find obsolete Keypad Encoder Chip! 
Product Details...

74HC595N Shift Register

Order Code: 74HC595
USD $0.75

7805T Voltage Regulator

Order Code: 7805T
USD $1.00


Order Code: CY62256LL
USD $5.50
USD $4.13
You Save: 25.00%
SRAM, 32Kx8, low, low-power, 70ns, DIP28 
Product Details...

DS1307 Clock/Calendar Chip

Order Code: DS1307
USD $8.25

Digital Thermometer, 1-Wire

Order Code: DS18B20
USD $4.00
1-wire digital thermometer 
Product Details...


Order Code: IRLZ24N
USD $1.19

L298 motor driver bridge

Order Code: L298N
USD $3.69

5-volt regulator, TO-92

Order Code: LM2931Z-5.0
USD $1.00
5V low-dropout regulator, TO-92 package 
Product Details...

LM336 Precision 2.5V Reference

Order Code: LM336Z25X
USD $0.55

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Results 1 - 20 of 31

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