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Adapt11MIB, minimum configuration
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Adapt11MIB, minimum configuration

Order Code: AD11MIB-MIN
Price: USD $149.00

Product Info

Memory-mapped Interface Board:
- works with Adapt11 or Adapt11EVBU in expanded mode
- provides memory-mapped access to four 7-segment LEDs, character LCD module, bargraph LEDs, DIP switch, DAC, real-time clock chip, and keypad interface circuit
- includes speaker, pushbuttons, temperature sensor, light sensor, IR emitter, IR receiver, and thumbwheel pot
- minimum configuration (without LCD, DAC, RTC, EEPROM, keypad interface, etc.)
- supplied with -RA1 connector option
- designed for use with Volumes 2 and 3 of the HC11 Course (click on Books, at the left) in conjunction with AD11EVBUSC1
- upgrade kit (MIBKIT1) available, contains LCD, etc.


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