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Adapt11 EVBU ModuleAdapt11 OEM Module

Adapt11EVBU Package
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Adapt11EVBU Package

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Includes Adapt11EVBU module (AD11EVBUM-RA) with 68HC11E9BCFN2 (MCU with Motorola's BUFFALO monitor program in ROM), prototyping card (AD11PRO1-FRA1), 9-pin serial cable, DC power supply (NorthAmerican style), data sheet, and schematic.  Find docs, assemblers, utilities, and example code by clicking on the Resources tab, above.

This product can also be used to read/program 68HC711E9 chips.  You'll need to remove the include MCU, of course, and you'll also need to use a regulated 12VDC power supply.  We have created a detailed guide to help you accomplish reading and programming the OTP version of 68HC711E9 with this module:


Be sure to visit our Support Library for the latest manuals, data sheets, app notes, and code examples


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