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Adapt11 OEM ModuleAdapt11 Quad Motor Driver Module

Adapt11 Prototyping Card
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Adapt11 Prototyping Card

Order Code: AD11PRO1
Price: USD $4.00


Product Info


  • "Adapt11" form-factor card (1.7" x 2.8") for custom circuits
  • grid of plated-through holes on 0.1" centers, with power and ground busses
  • two mounting holes for attaching to Adapt11 module or project case
  • 2 x 25 header pattern for P1 and adjacent redundant footprint for easy wiring access to P1 signals
  • P1 pinout matches H1 pinout on all Technological Arts Adapt11, Adapt12, and Adapt9S12 products
  • choice of several connector options for P1


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