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NC12DXC32 KIT 2NC12DXC32 USB QuickStart Package

NC12DXC32S QuickStart Package
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NC12DXC32S QuickStart Package

Order Code: NC12DXC32QSP
Price: USD $44.00

Product Info

This cost-effective package includes only the most essential items to get you up and running with NanoCore12 fast:
• a NanoCore12DXC32S module
• a breadboard-compatible serial cable
• a breadboard-compatible power cable
Using Your QuickStart Package document
You supply the breadboard, power source, and components. Download software, manual, data sheets, and examples from the website.

Product Details

Module Features:

  • based on the 9S12C32 MCU (48-pin LQFP version)
  • includes 8 Mhz crystal
  • 24 MHz bus speed (via PLL)
  • local 5 Volt low-dropout 100 mA regulator
  • includes RS232 transceiver circuit
  • has on-chip Serial Monitor
  • supports standalone operation
  • 32K Bytes Flash
  • 2K Bytes Ram
  • 32-pin DIP form-factor
  • pinout is super-set of competing 24-pin modules on the market
  • 0.025" (0.64mm) gold-plated square pins


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