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Servo/Sensor Interface Module for "Adapt" series productsAdapt9S12XDP512M2 XGATE MCU Module

Adapt9S12XDP512 Evaluation Package
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Adapt9S12XDP512 Evaluation Package

Order Code: AD9S12XDP512EVP
Price: USD $160.00

Product Info

Adapt9S12XDP512 is a compact, modular implementation of Freescale's flagship 9S12XD family of microcontroller chips. The S12X family is backward-compatible with S12 (and 68HC11), and utilizes the latest process technology. Adapt9S12XDP512 is a low-cost platform that brings these advantages within easy reach of engineers, students, and hobbyists. The flexible design of the entire "Adapt" series microcontroller products accommodates all aspects of training, evaluation, development, prototyping, and even volume production.

Evaluation Package Contents:

  • fully assembled and tested Adapt9S12XDP512M2 module:
    • the two 50-pin I/O headers (H1 and H2) are supplied with "RA1" connector option, for easy probing of all signals
    • two on-board RS232 ports (one 9-pin D-sub and one 4-pin Molex connections)
    • on-board RS485 transceiver (terminal block connection)
    • two on-board CAN transceivers (3-pin Molex connections)
    • 16 MHz crystal (supports 40MHz bus speed, via PLL)
    • Technological Arts version of Freescale Serial Monitor in Flash
  • two prototyping cards with FRA1 connector style (one each for H1 and H2)
  • nylon standoffs for mounting
  • set of mating connector housings and crimp terminals for both CAN ports (#HPCT3)
  • standard 9-pin D-sub straight-through serial cable (#CX09B06)
  • 9-pin to 4-pin Molex serial cable for second serial port (#SCPC9)
  • 120VAC to 9VDC adapter (unregulated, 300 mA) (#DC9V) (omitted for orders shipped outside of North America)
  • 2-pin power cable assembly (#PCJ1-8)
  • full hardcopy schematic and data sheet

Find links to documentation and utilities relevant to this product by clicking on the Resources tab, above.

Product Details


Adapt9S12XDP512 is a compact, modular "AdaptS12" form factor board, compatible with an entire range of application cards, prototyping cards, and backplanes, and usable with solderless breadboards ("proto boards"). It includes all necessary support circuitry for the MCU, as well as a 5-Volt regulator, and transceivers for RS232, CAN, and RS485.

Here are a couple of ways you can use Adapt9S12XDP512:

- Flash-based code development using on-chip Serial Monitor with uBug12

With the Flash-resident serial monitor, you'll be able to load your program into Flash via the serial port using our free uBug12JE multi-platform utility. The entire 510K of user-accessible Flash can be programmed in about a minute! Just move the switch to Load mode, send your .s19 file via uBug12, switch back to Run mode, and press reset when you're done. Your code runs from Flash, and interrupts are supported (via user-transparent pseudo vectors). A program that you load into Flash this way will run every time you apply power or reset the board in Run Mode.

- Flash-based code development using a BDM pod

If you want to take advantage of the power of Freescale's CodeWarrior, you can use a BDM pod (such as our USBDMLT) to develop and debug your program in C and/or assembler. The entire 512K Flash can be used, because the Flash-resident Serial Monitor is no longer used.



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