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Adapt12 Twin Backplane/AdapterAdapt12 Quad 12-bit DAC Module

Adapt12 Tower Backplane Set
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Adapt12 Tower Backplane Set

Order Code: AD12BPTS
Price: USD $18.00

Product Info

Use this backplane set to create a "tower" configuration, using any Adapt9S12 microcontroller board with up to three prototyping cards (or two prototyping cards and a memory card, if applicable). All cards must have either RA-style connectors on H1 and H2 or RA1-style connectors on H1 and H2.

Product Details

How to use the backplanes:

One "tower" backplane accepts the H1 connector of all the cards, while the mirror-image tower backplane accepts the H2 connector of all the cards. The arrangement will become clear when you line up pin 1 of every card with pin 1 of the corresponding tower backplane connector.

Works with Adapt9S12D, Adapt9S12E, Adapt9S12NE, Adapt9S12X microcontroller boards and AD9S12PRO1 prototyping cards.



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