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68HC11 Courseware, Volume 3Humber College MCU Kit

68HC11 Courseware, 3-volume set, including hardware
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68HC11 Courseware, 3-volume set, including hardware

Price: USD $399.00

Product Info

Technological Arts and Tardis Publishing have joined forces to put together a complete low-cost Learning System for the Motorola 68HC11. Courseware is based on Adapt11EVBU and Adapt11 Memory-mapped Interface Board (MIB) to provide complete training in microcontroller interfacing and programming concepts for one of the most prevalent 8-bit microcontrollers in the world. This courseware was actively used for several years in courses offered by the Faculty of Technology at Seneca College, Toronto, Canada.

Product Details

Includes complete 3-volume courseware (see individual volumes for details) and all related hardware:

Adapt11EVBU School Configuration:
Includes Adapt11EVBU module (AD11EVBUM-RA) with 68HC11E9BCFN2 (MCU with Motorola's BUFFALO monitor program in ROM), 9-pin serial cable, 6VDC power supply (NorthAmerican style), data sheet, and schematic.

Memory-mapped Interface Board:
- works with Adapt11EVBU (above) in expanded mode
- provides memory-mapped access to four 7-segment LEDs, character LCD module, bargraph LEDs, DIP switch, DAC, real-time clock chip, and keypad interface circuit
- includes speaker, pushbuttons, temperature sensor, light sensor, IR emitter, IR receiver, and thumbwheel pot
- minimum configuration (without LCD, DAC, RTC, EEPROM, keypad interface, etc.)
- supplied with -RA1 connector option
- designed for use with Volumes 2 and 3 of HC11 Course

Upgrade Kit:
- 16x4 LCD
- 4x4 matrix keypad
- keypad encoder chip
- clock/calendar chip
- EEPROM, 32Kx8
- accessories
- used with HC11 Course Volume 3

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