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Esduino 32K with USB Interface
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Esduino 32K with USB Interface

Order Code: ESD12C32-UR
Price: USD $54.00


Esduino is an Arduino-style board based on a 9S12C microcontroller! What this means is that you can now easily utilize the powerful Freescale 16-bit 9S12C microcontroller in your projects by using any of a great number of Arduino shields already available from various sites worldwide. And if you can't find one that exactly matches your needs, you can always design your own, using the open-source hardware design files you'll find on the internet.

Since Esduino is based on S12, your code can be developed using any S12 tools (e.g. CodeWarrior, AsmIDE, GCC, ICC12, etc.).

Esduino features:

  • 9S12C32 16-bit microcontroller
    • up to 24MHz bus speed (with PLL enabled)
    • 32K flash and 2K RAM
  • on-chip Serial Monitor (bootloader) works with CodeWarrior, uBug12, and nqBASIC
  • jumper-selectable mapping of Arduino-defined PWM pins. This lets you choose the source for these pins in your application.
  • two additional analog-to-digital channels available (PAD06 and PAD07), which can also function as digital inputs or outputs
  • two additional digital I/O pins brought out (PM0 & PM1), which can be used for a CAN interface, if desired
  • SPI pins also brought out to a single connector, for use with SPI peripherals, such as ShiftBrite
  • on-board USB interface retrofit provides 5V to power all circuitry (poly-fuse protected)
  • optional external power jacks (barrel and 2-pin Molex) to accommodate alternative power source when USB not connected (e.g. batteries)
  • header for optional ADXB adapter (see Adapters) supports low-cost addition of popular XBee RF module (purchase separately).  No XBee shield required!
  • on-board 5V and 3V regulators supply all circuitry, and also power any application shields that you plug in

What you get:

  • assembled and tested Rev.2 Esduino board, with USB retrofit
  • printed feature sheet and schematic diagram
  • Find relevant documentation, tools, and examples by clicking on the Resources tab, above

Product Details

Not familiar with Arduino?
Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on an Atmel 8-bit microcontroller. Originating in Italy, it has become very popular worldwide over the past few years. The creators of Arduino refer to any application board designed to plug onto it as a "shield". Many shield designs were created using the free version of CadSoft's Eagle schematic capture and circuit board layout program. There are probably more than a hundred shields aready designed and offered for sale on the Internet, and more are being created all the time.  If you want to customize any of them or design your own, you can download Eagle and any of the open-source design files you'll find on the Internet. Then you can modify them to suit your needs, and use a PCB prototyping service to have the boards fabricated for you.

If you don't want to layout a PCB, you have the option of building your application by hand using point-to-point wiring with one of our many Prototyping Shield designs.



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