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USB/Xbee/RS232 Multi-mode Interface ModuleUSB BDM Pod for S08,S12(X),S12Z,CF V1

BDM Pod for ColdFire v2 and 3
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BDM Pod for ColdFire v2 and 3

Order Code: USBDMC23
Price: USD $39.00



This low-cost BDM pod resembles a USB memory stick in size and shape, and is USB 2.0-compliant. It is based on the open-source USBDM project featured in the Freescale Community Projects Forum, and supports ColdeFire V2 and 3 core targets, via a standard 10-pin BDM cable. It is compatible with CodeWarrior, CodeSourcery, and ColdFire Flasher. Power is derived from the host USB port, which can also power the target board at a jumper-selectable 3V or 5V, if desired.  Even if you aren't using CodeWarrior, this is a very useful pod.  The host software includes standalone programmers.  A Linux version of the software is also included in the USBDM project.


  • works with ColdFire V2 and 3 cores
  • no power supply required-- draws power from USB port
  • power for target board can come from USB or your own supply
  • selectable power for target: 3.3V, 5V, or none
  • USB interface to Windows/Linux PC
  • standard 10-pin BDM cable plugs into target BDM connector
  • compatible with CodeWarrior development suite

Product Use

Getting USBDMC23 Up and Running on Your System:

You'll find the SourceForge project files on which USBDMC23 is based at:

Here are the steps to follow for installing (on a Windows PC):

  1. Click on the latest version folder (e.g. Version 4.12.1), then click on the Drivers folder and download the USBDM_Drivers msi file for the OS you are using (the first two are for WinXP only; the others are for Win7 and higher).  Run it to install the drivers on your system. Then go back up one directory level, click on the Software folder, download the actual application for your OS (e.g. USBDM_4_12_1_140_Win.msi) and install it on your system.  Note: If you plan to use CodeWarrior, we recommend that you install CodeWarrior first, before installing the USBDM application.
  2. Plug USBDMC23 into an available USB port.  The first time you do so, you'll need to wait while Windows installs the necessary driver for that port.  Then use the Windows Start menu to select the utility you want to run. Usually, it would be the CFVx Programmer. Note that you can't use USBDMC23 with CFV1, S08, S12, or ARM.  However, it will support DSC (56F800x) by means of an external adapter breakout board that re-maps the necessary signals to a 14-pin DSC-compatible BDM connector.
  3. If you are using CodeWarrior, the USBDM pod should show up in the list of connection types for the debugger.  If you need help, use the Support forum link on the Sourceforge USBDM project page.

The standalone programming utilities are great for use in a production environment, where you don't have or need a CodeWarrior installation. USBDMC23 is the best value in ColdFire programmers around.

This document provides more instructions for use:


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