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Versatile WiFi Breakout Board for Quick IoT Deployment

20170110 124353 clipped rev 2-800x600 ESP12 modules are popular low-cost modules ideal for adding WiFi to embedded projects to implement Iot, but the surface-mount modules can be a little difficult to work with. BOBESP12 was designed to solve this problem.  Offered with a choice of several connector options, it can be plugged into the XBee header on our Esduino and EsduinoXtreme products to implement WiFi, used with a ribbon cable to optimize placement for the best reception, or it can be plugged vertically into a solderless breadboard.  It's a standalone ESP8266 implementation that is FCC approved and includes an on-board 3.3V regulator, which means it could be the perfect solution for embedding right into your product!  Learn more...