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Adapt9S12ZVC Family Launch

AD9S12ZVC family-720

Building on our popular Adapt11 modular form-factor, we're pleased to introduce Adapt9S12ZVC, a new family of industrial-grade S12Z modules specifically intended for your project!  There's no need to get bogged down with the intricacies of circuit board layout, assembly, testing, and re-work for today's fine-pitch microcontrollers.  Just drop a fully-functional, tested Adapt9S12ZVC module into your application, load your firmware, and roll out a finished product in no time!  If replacement is ever needed, swap it out quickly with hassle-free pluggability--  no tools required.

The Adapt9S12ZVC family comprises three different modules, each implementing two different serial interfaces connected to the SCI ports of the MCU, so you can choose any two:  RS232 + USB, RS232 + WiFi-ready, or USB + WiFi-ready.  WiFi-ready configurations include a header for plugging in the popular and low-cost ESP8266-based ESP-01 module, available separate from multiple vendors.  As well, all three modules include a physical-layer CAN transceiver.

These modules are also well-suited for low-volume applications where existing demo or dev boards just don't fit well into your application's physical constraints.  A choice of 11 different connector styles for the 50-pin I/O connector provides the ultimate versatility for your project's topology.

And no need to worry about the board being discontinued by the manufacturer--  Technological Arts has a solid reputation for longevity in the industry for well over two decades, with tens of thousands of boards and modules deployed worldwide. Lean manufacturing ensures low cost and quick turnaround, and technical support comes directly from the product designers.

Click here to order!  Contact us for volume pricing on 25+ units.