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OLED, 2x16 character, SPI interface
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OLED, 2x16 character, SPI interface

Order Code: CFAL1602C-PB
Price: USD $18.00

This is an OLED display with SPI interface, and a 2x8 male header soldered onto the back.

The OLED technology of the blue-on-black display provides a striking, high contrast visual appearance that stays consistent from -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F). Since OLEDs are emissive, there is no backlight, resulting in a thinner package that is ideal when you need a reliable 16x2 character display and space is at a premium. The modern look of this OLED display provides a very wide 160° viewing angle, keeping the same crisp view from nearly any direction.

The command set of the built-in WS0010 controller is similar to the industry standard Hitachi HD44780 and compatibles, reducing the adoption time into your project. With four built-in font tables, multi-language support is a easy.


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