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USB-to-TTL Interface Module

Order Code: USB2NCT
USD $19.00
A breadboard-friendly USB-to-TTL UART interface module, which provides USB-derived power to the breadboard power buss strip. 
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USB-to-XBee Interface Adapter

Order Code: USB2X
USD $24.00
XBee carrier with USB interface 
Product Details...

USB BDM Pod for S08,S12(X),S12Z,CF V1

Order Code: USBDMLT
USD $49.00
The recommended choice when working with CodeWarrior. Background Debug Mode pod for 9S08, S12/S12X/S12Z, and ColdFire V1. Windows and Linux compatible. 
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Solderless Breadboard, 400 tie points

Order Code: WBU-301
USD $3.00
popular half-size solderless breadboard, with power buss sections on each side 
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XBee-to-RS232 Interface Adapter

Order Code: X232-DB9P
USD $15.00
Interface an XBee RF module to the RS232 interface on your MCU board. 
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crystal, low profile, 16 MHz

Order Code: XTL16LP
USD $1.10

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Results 201 - 206 of 206

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