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LCD, 20 char. x 4 lines, blue with white LED backlight

Order Code: LCD20X4-WB
USD $15.00
NEW LOWER PRICE! This LCD has four rows of 20 white characters on a blue background, with an attractive white LED backlight. 
Product Details...

LCD mounting kit 1

Order Code: LCDKIT1
USD $2.50
Kit of board mounting hardware for character LCDs 
Product Details...

LCD mounting kit 2

Order Code: LCDKIT2
USD $2.50
Kit of standalone mounting hardware for character LCDs 
Product Details...

Super Bright LED - 5mm, RGB, CC

Order Code: LED5MMSB-RGB
USD $1.65
LED, 5mm, super bright, Red-Green-Blue, common cathode 
Product Details...

5-volt regulator, TO-92

Order Code: LM2931Z-5.0
USD $1.00
5V low-dropout regulator, TO-92 package 
Product Details...

LM336 Precision 2.5V Reference

Order Code: LM336Z25X
USD $0.55

LM336 Precision 5.0V Reference

Order Code: LM336Z5X
USD $0.55

LM35DZ Temperature Sensor

Order Code: LM35DZ
USD $2.20

tact switch, 6mm, pack of 5

Order Code: LTS6X6H7-5
USD $1.10

MicroCore-11 Multi-position Backplane

Order Code: MC11BP1-5F
USD $13.50

MicroCore-11 Twin Backplane/Adapter

Order Code: MC11BP2-SB
USD $7.00
Plug two MicroCore-11 form-factor cards together into a solderless breadboard. 
Product Details...

MicroCore-11 32K Module

Order Code: MC11M32K
USD $55.00
OEM MicroCore-11 module having 32K EEPROM + 32K RAM and RS232 interface, with your choice of I/O connector style. 
Product Details...

MicroCore-11 High-current Motor Driver Module

Order Code: MC11MDMH
USD $18.00
Drive two DC motors or one bipolar stepper motor, at up to 1 Amp per winding. 
Product Details...

MicroCore-11 Prototyping Card

Order Code: MC11PRO1
USD $5.00
Prototyping card for MicroCore-11 family or general purpose use. 
Product Details...

MicroCore-11 Quad Motor Driver Module

Order Code: MC11QMDM
USD $29.70
Drive four DC motors or two bipolar stepper motors at up to 1 Amp per winding, plus logic MOSFET for relay or solenoid control. 
Product Details...

MC34164P-3 LVI chip, 3.3V

Order Code: MC34164P-003
USD $1.10

MCU, 68HC711E9CFNE2 with 12K OTPROM

Order Code: MC68HC711E9CFNE2
USD $48.00
MC68HC711E9BCFN2 with 12K OTPROM, 52-pin PLCC package, RoHS-compliant 
Product Details...

MC9S12C32 MCU 48-pin QFP

Order Code: MC9S12C32CFA
USD $17.00

8-channel I/O Expander Chip, I2C

Order Code: MCP23008
USD $2.20

16-channel I/O Expander Chip, I2C

Order Code: MCP23017
USD $2.65

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Results 261 - 280 of 387
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