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power connector cable, 12-inch

Order Code: PCJ1-12
USD $2.50

power connector cable, 8-inch

Order Code: PCJ1-8
USD $2.00

power connector cable, female-to-female, 12-inch

Order Code: PCJ1FF-12
USD $2.50

power connector cable, 8-inch, female-to-female

Order Code: PCJ1FF-8
USD $2.00

PLCC Adapter, 20-pin

Order Code: PLCC20TH
USD $10.00

PLCC Adapter, 28-pin

Order Code: PLCC28TH
USD $11.00

PLCC Adapter, 32-pin

Order Code: PLCC32TH
USD $12.00

PLCC Adapter, 44-pin

Order Code: PLCC44TH
USD $13.00

PLCC Adapter, 52-pin

Order Code: PLCC52TH
USD $17.00

PLCC Adapter, 68-pin

Order Code: PLCC68TH
USD $20.00

PLCC Adapter, 84-pin

Order Code: PLCC84TH
USD $22.00

Set of Seven PLCC Adapters

USD $95.00

Quad CAN Messaging Module

Order Code: QCMM
USD $139.00
4-channel CAN messaging box based on MC9S12DP512 microcontroller 
Product Details...

Photosensor, Reflective

Order Code: QRB1114C
USD $6.00
photosensor, reflective 
Product Details...

Photosensor, Reflective, 24" leads

Order Code: QRB1134
USD $2.20
photosensor, reflective, 24-inch leads 
Product Details...

Ribbon cable, 6-pin to 6-pin, 12-inch

Order Code: RC06FF12
USD $3.00

Ribbon cable, 10-pin to 10-pin, 6-inch

Order Code: RC10FF06
USD $3.00

Ribbon cable, 10-pin to 10-pin, 12-inch

Order Code: RC10FF12
USD $3.30

Ribbon cable, 14-pin to 14-pin, 16-inch

Order Code: RC14FF16
USD $3.85

Ribbon cable, 16-pin to 16-pin, 6-inch

Order Code: RC16FF06
USD $3.00
6-inch ribbon cable assembly, 16-conductor 
Product Details...

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Results 321 - 340 of 388
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