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Adapt11 Multi-position Backplane

Order Code: AD11BP1-5F
USD $10.00
4-position backplane 
Product Details...

Adapt11 Multi-slot Backplane for H1

Order Code: AD11BP1-FRA
USD $12.00

Adapt11 Twin Backplane/Adapter

Order Code: AD11BP2-SB
USD $4.00
plug two Adapt11 form-factor cards into a solderless breadboard at once 
Product Details...

Adapt11 Prototyping Card

Order Code: AD11PRO1
USD $4.00
prototyping card for H1 of Adapt11, Adapt12, Adapt9S12, and Adapt9S12ZVC families of MCU boards 
Product Details...

Adapt12 Multi-position Backplane

Order Code: AD12BP1-5F
USD $10.00

Adapt12 Multi-position Backplane for H1

Order Code: AD12BP1H1-FRA
USD $11.00

Solderless Breadboard/Extender Card

Order Code: AD12EXP
USD $19.00

Adapt12 Solderless Proto Card for H1

Order Code: AD12EXPH1
USD $15.00

Adapt12MAX Experimentor Card for H1

Order Code: AD12MAXEXPH1
USD $34.00

Adapt12 Prototyping Card for H1

Order Code: AD12PROH1
USD $8.00
Prototyping card for adding custom interface circuitry to any Adapt12-style MCU module 
Product Details...

Dual-row Receptacle Adapter, 50-pin

Order Code: ADHDR50-F
USD $5.50

Dual-row Receptacle Adapter, 50-pin, right-angle

Order Code: ADHDR50-FRA
USD $6.50

IDC Ribbon Cable-to-breadboard adapter, 50-pin

Order Code: ADIDC50-M
USD $6.00

power cable adapter, barrel to 2-pin

Order Code: BJ2PCJ1
USD $3.00

2-pin housing, with crimp terminals

Order Code: HPCT2
USD $0.50

3-pin housing, with crimp terminals

Order Code: HPCT3
USD $0.80

Solderless Breadboard, 170 tie points

Order Code: MSBW
USD $4.00
mini solderless breadboard (170 tie-points), white 
Product Details...

Ribbon cable, 10-pin to 10-pin, 6-inch

Order Code: RC10FF06
USD $3.00

Ribbon cable, 10-pin to 10-pin, 12-inch

Order Code: RC10FF12
USD $3.30

Solderless Breadboard, 830 tie points

Order Code: TW-E40-1020
USD $9.00
Full-size solderless breadboard 
Product Details...

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