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Choose from a wide selection of popular project components, including all of the connectors used for our standard connector options. Contact us for quantity pricing.

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16-channel I/O Expander Chip, I2C

Order Code: MCP23017
USD $2.65

8-channel I/O Expander Chip, SPI

Order Code: MCP23S08
USD $2.50

16-channel I/O Expander Chip, SPI

Order Code: MCP23S17
USD $2.80

Electret Condenser Microphone

Order Code: MIC
USD $1.65

Matrix Keypad, 3x4

Order Code: MK3X4
USD $6.00

Bargraph LED Display, 10-segment

Order Code: MV57164
USD $2.75

nylon hardware assortment

Order Code: NHA1
USD $5.00

nylon hardware kit 1

Order Code: NHK1
USD $2.50

nylon hardware kit 2

Order Code: NHK2
USD $2.50

SIP, 10-pin, bussed, 1K0

Order Code: SIP10B1K0
USD $0.45

SIP, 6-pin, bussed, 1K0

Order Code: SIP6B1K0
USD $0.45

SN754410 Dual H-Bridge IC, 1 Amp

Order Code: SN754410
USD $4.50

Miniature Audio Transducer

Order Code: SPEAKER
USD $1.65

DAC, 8-bit, 4-channel, SPI

Order Code: TLC5620CN
USD $5.60
USD $4.20
You Save: 25.00%
4-channel 8-bit DAC, SPI interface 
Product Details...

crystal, low profile, 16 MHz

Order Code: XTL16LP
USD $1.10

crystal, 32.768 KHz, small cylindrical

Order Code: XTL32K-DT26
USD $0.55

crystal, 8MHz, cylindrical

Order Code: XTL8CYL
USD $1.10

Crystal, 8MHz low-profile

Order Code: XTL8LP
USD $1.10

crystal, 9.8304 MHz, cylindrical

Order Code: XTL9.8304CYL
USD $1.10

crystal, 9.8304 MHz, HC49/US

Order Code: XTL9.8304LP
USD $2.20

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Results 81 - 100 of 100

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