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An enhancement of the popular HCS12 family (and fully backward-compatible CPU), the S12X family utilizes the latest process technology. It boasts higher speed (40 MHz), more functionality, reduced power consumption and cost, and enhanced performance with the new XGATE on-chip memory-management and DMA module. Adapt9S12X products use a modular implementation that brings these advantages within easy reach of engineers and educators. The flexible design of the "Adapt" series of microcontroller products addresses the entire spectrum of training, evaluation, development, prototyping, and OEM use.

Module Overview:

Implemented in an "AdaptS12" form factor board, Adapt9S12X modules are compatible with an entire range of application cards, prototyping cards, and backplanes, and usable with solderless breadboards ("proto boards"). The module design includes all necessary support circuitry for the MCU, as well as a 5-Volt regulator, RS232, RS485, and CAN transceivers on-board (where applicable).  Modules are currently offered for 9S12XD, 9S12XE, and 9S12XS microcontrollers.


Common Features of All Modules:

  • 2.30" x 3.25" AdaptS12 form-factor
  • two 50-pin connectors bring out all I/O pins of the MCU
  • all I/O pins on a 0.1" grid for easy interfacing to standard perfboard
  • versatile connector design for use with solderless breadboards, prototyping cards, or embedding into your design
  • accommodates optional user-supplied oscillator
  • Background Debug Mode (BDM) fully supported for loading and debugging user code
  • universal 6-pin/10-pin BDM connectors support BDM pods from multiple vendors
  • program in C, BASIC, Forth, assembler, etc.
  • no special Flash programming voltage or switch required
  • fast in-circuit programming
  • on-chip Serial Monitor for quick loading of user programs
  • free uBug12 multi-platform GUI
  • ideal development platforms for all 9S12X variants
  • 100mA, automotive grade, low-dropout 5V regulator on-board (underneath)
  • includes low-voltage inhibit reset circuit + reset button
  • accommodates optional precision voltage reference chip for analog-to-digital converters

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Adapt9S12XDP512M2 XGATE MCU Module

Order Code: AD9S12XDP512M2
USD $199.00
Adapt9S12 form-factor module implementing 9S12XDP512 MCU and essential support circuitry. 
Product Details...

Adapt9S12XEP100M2 XGATE MCU Module

Order Code: AD9S12XEP100M2
USD $199.00
Adapt9S12 form-factor module implementing 9S12XEP100 MCU and essential support circuitry. 
Product Details...

Adapt9S12XS256 MCU Module

Order Code: AD9S12XS256M
USD $119.00
Adapt9S12 form-factor module implementing 9S12XS256 MCU and essential support circuitry. 
Product Details...

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