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Diff Amp Module, 8-channel
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Diff Amp Module, 8-channel

Order Code: AD11DIFF8
Price: USD $199.00

Product Info

While it was designed with an Adapt11 form-factor, the DIFF8 board can be used with any of our MCU product families. Ideal for precision buffering and amplification of analog signals derived from various sensors, the outputs of this board can be connected directly to MCU analog inputs.

Product Details

- incorporates eight AMP04 precision instrumentation amplifiers
- independently programmable gain with one 1/8W resistor or trimpot per channel (not included)
- perfect front-end for any 8-channel A-to-D converter
- outputs are pin-compatible with our Data Acquisition System boards
- inputs via screw-terminal blocks
- outputs via 9-pin Molex connector (mating connector housing supplied)
- input 5V power via 2-pin Molex connector (pigtail power connector supplied)
- four corner mounting holes accommodate #4 hardware (not included)

What you get:

  • this product ships with hardcopy data sheet and schematic diagram
  • data sheets, manuals, and all other resources for this product can be found by clicking on the Resources tab

AMP04 Features:

The AMP04 is a single-supply instrumentation amplifier designed to work over a +5 volt to ±15 volt supply range. It offers an excellent combination of accuracy, low power consumption, wide input voltage range, and excellent gain performance. Gain is set by a single external resistor and can be from 1 to 1000. Input common-mode voltage range allows the AMP04 to handle signals with full accuracy from ground to within 1 volt of the positive supply. And the output can swing to within 1 volt of the positive supply. Gain bandwidth is over 700 kHz. In addition to being easy to use, the AMP04 draws only 700 uA of supply current. For high resolution data acquisition systems, laser trimming of low drift thin-film resistors limits the input offset voltage to under 150 mV, and allows the AMP04 to offer gain nonlinearity of 0.005% and a gain tempco of 30 ppm/°C. A proprietary input structure limits input offset currents to less than 5 nA with drift of only 8 pA/°C, allowing direct connection of the AMP04 to high impedance transducers and other signal sources.


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