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Display/Kbrd/Keypad Interface, 20x4 backlit LCD, rear-facing
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Display/Kbrd/Keypad Interface, 20x4 backlit LCD, rear-facing

Order Code: DKKIR/LCD20X4LB
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Product Info

This display/keypad/keyboard interface module currently includes a 4-row by 20-character LCD with white backlit characters displayed on a blue background (different from display shown above). A contrast control pot is provided for the LCD, an 8-pin connector for an optional 4x4 matrix keypad, and a PS/2-style keyboard connector. A prototyping area is provided for the addition of user application circuit components beneath the LCD, if desired. A 50-pin interface connector is provided, making it easy to interface to Adapt11, Adapt12, and Adapt9S12 products. The connector has a mirror-image pinout, and is meant for back-to-back stacking, planar, backplane, or ribbon cable interconnection schemes with any Adapt11, Adapt12 or Adapt9S12 MCU module. Other families, such as NanoCore12, MicroStamp11, MicroCore-11, and neCore12 can be accommodated by mounting them in the prototyping area of the board. Click on the Details tab, above.

What you get:

  • this product ships with hardcopy data sheet and schematic diagram
  • data sheets, manuals, and all other resources for this product can be found by clicking on the Resources tab.

Product Details

The display is interfaced via a 74HC595 serial-to-parallel shift register to the SPI port of the MCU, with a couple of extra I/O pins being used for display reset and enable functions. Example code is available for several of our microcontroller boards.

Both PS/2 and AT-style keyboards are supported via appropriate connectors (only PS/2 connector populated). Interfacing these keyboards can be achieved via a couple of I/O pins and some simple code.

Support for a matrix keypad scanned via 4 outputs and read via 4 inputs is provided, by way of pullup resistors on the rows. Diodes comprise an OR-ing circuit so that an "any-key-pressed" signal is generated, which can be connected to an MCU interrupt pin. Some sample software to implement keypad scanning is available in our Support Library (click on the Resources tab for a link).

Provision is also made for a small audio transducer, by way of an optional general-purpose NPN transistor which can be toggled on and off via software to create various tones.

A prototyping area is included for your application circuitry, or for mounting MicroCore-11, MicroStamp11, or NanoCore12 modules directly onto the board.

The "rear-facing" design suits applications where the MCU module is to be mounted directly to the back of the display module, or the DKKI can be inserted in a backplane, or plugged together with an "Adapt" style MCU card in a planar configuration; hence, the mirror-image pinout of the 50-pin I/O connector.

Note: A stacked or backplane arrangement may not work with Adapt11EVBU, and some Adapt12 and Adapt9S12 families of cards due to mechanical interference between some of the connectors. However, a planar arrangement is practical.


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