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MicroCore-11 High-current Motor Driver Module
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MicroCore-11 High-current Motor Driver Module

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Product Info

This low-cost dual DC motor driver module is perfect for implementing robotic or mechatronic applications with MicroCore-11 or any microcontroller of your choice. The 2-inch (50.8mm) square form-factor board matches the MicroCore-11 family, and has mounting holes in all four corners for stacking or mounting to a substrate. Each of the two H-bridge circuits controls one motor, at up to 1 Amp of drive capability. Separate Enable and Direction pin for each channel makes controlling it from any microcontroller a very simple task. Simply apply a PWM waveform to the Enable pin and vary the duty cycle to adjust the motor speed. A logic level signal applied to the Direction pin will control the direction of rotation of the motor.

A small 5V regulator provides 5V for powering the motor logic, with approximately 50 mA to spare for your microcontroller board, if needed.

  • 2" x 2" standard MicroCore-11 form factor
  • based on SN754410NE dual H-bridge chip from TI, with heat sink
  • 1 Amp per channel, nominal
  • drives two DC motors or one stepper motor
  • cascadable-- add a second board for two more drivers
  • or wire two channels in parallel for double the drive current
  • four MCU output lines control enable and direction of current through each H-bridge
  • jumperable port pin assignments
  • LED direction indicators
  • separate connector for motor supply voltage (up to 24V)
  • on-board 5V regulator can power all logic and MicroCore-11 (but not sensors or servos)
  • grid of plated-through holes on 0.1" centers for prototyping
  • dual 26-pin bussed connector patterns for easy stacking
  • several connector options offer many configuration possibilities
  • use with prototyping board and backplanes, or stack with other boards
  • comes with schematic/mechanical/pinout drawing, motor chip data sheet, and application note
  • choose from our 12 standard connector options (shown with RA)

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