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MicroStamp11 32K Starter PackageSolderless Breadboard, 170 tie points

MicroStamp11 32K Turbo Starter Package
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MicroStamp11 32K Turbo Starter Package

Order Code: MS11SP32KT9
Price: USD $99.00

Product Info

Starter Package Contents:

  • Turbo 32K MicroStamp11 module with demo program in EEPROM
  • Docking Module for PC serial interface (RS232 interface & reset button) to load your programs
  • 9-pin serial cable
  • default connector option is -FRA
  • develop your application in place with included ribbon cable and solderless breadboard adapter
  • mating connectors (HDR20-M and HDR20-RA) included for your application
  • hardcopy full schematics, pinout, and dimensional drawings
  • note:  CD and printed manual no longer included.  Find the resourcers at

Product Details

MicroStamp11 Features:

  • thin board material (0.031")
  • light weight: only 0.2 oz.
  • tiny 1" x 1.4" stamp-sized board
  • surface-mount chips for low-profile, high-density design
  • features 68HC11D0 microcontroller
  • 9.8304 MHz crystal supports standard baudrates up to 38400
  • 32K EEPROM
  • EEPROM has hardware Write Protect (software write protect also possible)
  • 192 bytes on-chip RAM
  • all PORT A lines available (pulse accumulator, input captures, output compares)
  • all six PORT D lines available (any mix of: general purpose I/O, SPI, or SCI)
  • 5V low-dropout regulator
  • low-voltage inhibit reset circuit
  • all available port lines/interrupts/reset brought out to versatile 20-pin header
  • convenient switches for RUN/LOAD and WRITE PROTECT (EEPROM)
  • easy s-record loading via Docking Module, using our free MicroLoad Windows program



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