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Data Acquisition System Module 8-ChannelAdapt12 Solderless Proto Card for H1

Solderless Breadboard/Extender Card
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Solderless Breadboard/Extender Card

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Q. What is it?

A. A solderless breadboard on a carrier board that plugs between H1 on any "Adapt" style MCU card and P1 on any "Adapt" style application card having mirror-image pinouts (i.e. meant for use in a planar configuration). Here's a list of the compatible application/prototyping cards:

  • AD11QMD
  • AD9S12DEMH1 (note that this board is an extender as well, enabling you to add on yet another application card, if desired)
  • AD9S12SSIM
  • AD12PROH1
  • AD12EXPH1

Q. Why would I need it?

A1. It enables you to connect your own circuitry to MCU signals which are not being utilized by the App Card.

Example application:
Let's say you have an Adapt9S12DP512 MCU module with RA1 connector on H1 and an Adapt9S12SSIM application card with FRA1 connector option on P1. You'd like to make use of some of the MCU signals on H1 that are not being used by the SSIM card, so you order this breadboard/extender card configured with RA1-FRA1 connector options. You plug one side into H1 of Adapt9S12DP512 and plug the SSIM into the other side. Now you can plug breadboard jumper wires into the H1 breakout block provided and jumper the signals into the breadboard, where needed.

A2. It enables you plug together an MCU card and an app card which both have the same gender connector (e.g. both have RA connector)


  • plugs between the application card's P1 connector and the MCU card's H1 connector
  • provides easy access to all H1 signals
  • works with all Adapt11, Adapt12, and Adapt9S12 MCU cards having a right angle connector, forming a planar configuration
  • enables you to augment the functions of the app card you're using
  • easily tap into signals not being used by the app card, using them for circuits you build on the breadboard
  • mounting holes for #4 hardware, shown (hardware not included)

Choosing connector options:

  • if your MCU card has RA1 on H1, then choose RA1 for P1 and FRA1 for P4
  • if your MCU card has RA on H1, then choose RA for P1 and FRA for P4
  • if your MCU card has FRA1 on H1, then choose FRA1 for P1 and RA1 for P4
  • if your MCU card has FRA on H1, then choose FRA for P1 and RA1 for P4

Note: by choosing the same option for each connector, you can achieve gender changing. For example, suppose your MCU card has an RA connector on H1 and your application card has an RA connector on P1. Without this product, you would have to interconnect them using a ribbon cable or backplane. But by using this product with FRA connectors on both edges (i.e. P1=FRA and P4=FRA) you can plug all three cards together in a planar arrangement.


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