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Adapt11C24DX 32K Starter PackageAdapt11C24DX 60K Eval Package with BUFFALO

Adapt11C24DX 60K Starter Package
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Adapt11C24DX 60K Starter Package

Order Code: AD11C24DXSP60K
Price: USD $149.00

Product Info

Includes Adapt11C24DX60K module (32K EEPROM + 28K RAM) with 68HC11E0 and 68HC24 chips, serial cable.  Find user manual, data sheet, schematic, etc. online via Resources tab, above. (Note:  we no longer include a CD or printed manual with this product).

NOTE: The default connector option for the module is SB, as shown in the photo. However, all of our standard connector options are available for this product. If you prefer a different connector style, please request it in the Comments during Checkout.

Product Details

  • Compact "DX" form factor (2.8" x 2.1")
  • Works with any 68HC11 E series microcontroller
  • 8 MHz crystal (2 MHz bus speed)
  • 32K EEPROM and 28K RAM (piggy-backed)
  • 512 bytes internal RAM (on MCUs)
  • Hardware Write Protect switch for EEPROM
  • Design incorporates 68HC24 port replacement unit (PRU) for full 68HC11 port compatibility
  • 26 general purpose I/O lines (including 3 input captures and 5 output compares)
  • Pulse accumulator, hardware timer, real-time interrupt, watchdog, 2 hardware interrupts
  • 8 channel 8-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI) port offers virtually unlimited expansion
  • Serial Communications Interface (SCI) port, with programmable baud rate
  • RS-232 serial port, utilizing on-chip SCI (4-pin connector)
  • SCI compatible with MIDI and RS485/RS422
  • On-board reset circuit and button, 5V regulator, and RS232 interface
  • Low power requirements (45 mA nominal; much less in STOP mode)
  • All port pins are brought out to standard 50-pin connector pattern
  • Virtual plug-in interchangeability with all Adapt11 family boards
  • 11 connector options for the ultimate in modular design capabilities
  • Use programming language of your choice: C, BASIC, assembler, etc.
  • Compatible with BUFFALO, JBug11 and PCBug11 debug/monitor programs
  • Easy program-loading via MicroLoad, JBug11, PCBug11, ICC11, etc.
  • Compatible with BASIC11 Compiler/Simulator/Debugger/Terminal IDE for Windows
  • Low cost-- ideal for educational and embedded applications
  • Many accessories available



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