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Adapt812 Module
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Adapt812 Module

Order Code: AD812M
Price: USD $170.00



Product Info

  • compact (2.25" x 3.25") modular implementation of 68HC812A4 microcontroller
  • 90 I/O lines, all programmable as input or output, many with input capture, output compare, and "key wake-up" interrupt capability
  • 8-channel, 8-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • 4K EEPROM and 1K RAM on-chip
  • includes both RS232 (DB9) and RS485 (2-screw terminal block) interfaces, usable simultaneously
  • versatile connector design for use with solderless breadboards, prototyping cards, or embedding into your design
  • primary 50-pin connector for dedicated I/O
  • secondary 50-pin connector for additional I/O or expanded mode memory bus
  • memory expandable offboard up to 4MB program and 1MB data memory
  • Background Debug Mode (BDM) fully supported for debugging your code
  • 4-pin and universal 6-pin/10-pin BDM connectors support BDM pods from multiple vendors
  • program in C, BASIC, or assembler
  • 256-byte firmware bootloader provides convenient downloading via RS232 serial port (BDM pod not required)
  • fully compatible with third-party assemblers, compilers, and BDM pods
  • many accessories available

What you get:

  • this product ships with hardcopy data sheet and schematic diagram
  • data sheets, manuals, and all other resources for this product can be found by clicking on the Resources tab above

Before you order...
Most of our standard connector options are available for this board. The product photo above shows "SB" style on H1 and "M" style on H2. Please make your choice of connectors before adding this item to your shopping cart. Otherwise, the board will be shipped with the default option (i.e. no connectors on H1 and H2).

Volume pricing...
Substantial discounts are available for purchases of 25+ units.  Contact us for pricing, quoting the Order Code AD812M and desired quantity.  We'll get right back to you!



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