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Adapt9S12EQ128 OEM Module w/ 80-pin MCU, MinimalAdapt9S12 Prototyping Card

Adapt9S12NE64 Embedded Ethernet MCU Module
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Adapt9S12NE64 Embedded Ethernet MCU Module

Order Code: AD9S12NE64M
Price: USD $119.00



Product Info


  • based on the 9S12NE64 MCU (112-pin TQFP version)
    • 64K Bytes Flash
    • 8K Bytes RAM
    • 2 x 8-channel 10-bit ADC (0 - 3.3V)
    • 1 x SPI
    • 2 x SCI
    • 1 x I2C
    • 8 channel 16-bit timer/capture/compare timer system
  • includes 25 Mhz crystal
  • local 3.3 Volt low-dropout 500 mA regulator
  • RJ45 jack with integrated magnetics
  • on-chip Serial Monitor (compatible with uBug12JE and CodeWarrior)
  • compatible BDM pod is USBDMLT (optional)
  • one I2C connector
  • one RS232 interface
  • one selectable¬† as RS485 or second RS232 interface
  • Adapt9S12 form factor board
  • two 50-pin connectors (H1 and H2) bring out virtually all I/O lines (NOTE: 3.3 Volt logic levels only-- they will not work at 5V)
  • choose from a broad range of connector options for H1 and H2

What's included

Package Contents:

  • assembled, tested module, pre-programmed with Freescale Serial Monitor
  • power cable assembly (#PCJ1-8)
  • printed schematic/pinout sheet (one per shipment)
  • data sheets, manuals, and all other resources for this product can be found by clicking on the Resources category at the top

If you require mating connectors, browse Connectors in the Components category at the left. For power supplies, browse the Accessories category. If you require a BDM pod for this product, order the USBDMLT (see Accessories).

Before you order...
All of our standard connector options are available for this board. The product photo above shows "M" connector style on both H1 and H2. Please make your choice of connectors before adding this item to your shopping cart. Otherwise, the board will be shipped with the default option (no connectors on H1 and H2).



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