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Adapt9S12DG128SM0 with Serial Monitor, min. config.Adapt9S12DP512M0 Module, Minimal Configuration

Adapt9S12DP512B BASIC Solderless Experimentor Package with USB
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Adapt9S12DP512B BASIC Solderless Experimentor Package with USB

Order Code: AD9S12DP512BSEP-UR
Price: USD $199.00

Product Info

Start programming with the 9S12 microcontroller right away-- no software to install. Easy-to-use MCU-resident BASIC with many modern features removes all the complexity, making programming simpler than ever! Use it with any computer, any operating system-- all you need is a terminal program! This is a great platform for science and technology projects in biology, physics, chemistry, industrial control, automation, robotics, data logging, etc. Student and Educational discounts available (contact us).

Contents of BASIC Solderless Experimentor Package with USB:

  • fully assembled and tested Adapt9S12DP512BM0 module
    • Minimal configuration, with StickOS BASIC on-chip
    • supplied with "RA1" connector option, for easy probing of all signals
    • two RS232 ports (9-pin D-Sub and 4-pin Molex)
  • two solderless breadboard cards (one each for H1 and H2)(#AD12EXPH1-FRA1 & #AD12EXPH2-FRA1)
  • convenient nylon standoffs for mounting
  • USB-to-RS232 adapter with 5V power breakout (#USB232)
  • USB type A to miniB cable, 6-ft. (#UCA5MB6)
  • 9-pin D-sub to 4-pin Molex serial cable for second serial port (#SCPC9)
  • hardcopy schematic and pinout sheet
  • find additional documentation, tools, utilities, and example code by clicking on the Resources tab, above

Product Details

StickOS BASIC is a revolutionary MCU-resident BASIC programming language created by software engineer Rich Testardi. The entire programming environment, including file system, resides in the flash memory of the microcontroller, so there is no need to install anything on the host computer. This makes programming very easy and completely platform-independent. Virtually any platform capable of emulating a "dumb terminal" will be suitable for working with this system! StickOS BASIC contains many elements of classic BASIC interpreters, but is a modern object-oriented programming language. It is intuitive and easy to use, with built-in objects for analog and digital output, analog and digital input, frequency output, hobby servos, etc.

The Adapt9S12DP512 module hosting StickOS BASIC is compatible with an entire range of application cards, prototyping cards, and backplanes, and usable with solderless breadboards ("proto boards"). The module includes all essential support circuitry for the MCU, including a 5-Volt regulator and RS232 transceiver.

Module Features:

  • MC9S12DP512 MCU
  • 512K Flash
  • 14K RAM
  • RS232 transceivers provided for both SCI channels
  • 16 MHz crystal, boosted to 24MHz internally (using on-chip PLL)
  • resident soBASIC programming environment
  • fast in-circuit programming
  • LOAD/RUN switch supports AutoRun mode
  • 2.30" x 3.25" AdaptS12 form-factor
  • two 50-pin connectors bring out all I/O pins of the MCU
  • all I/O pins on a 0.1" grid for easy interfacing to standard perfboard
  • versatile connector design supports use with solderless breadboards, prototyping cards, ribbon cables, backplanes, etc.


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