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NanoCore12MAXC128ST Module, TTL Interface, 40-pinNanoCore12MAXC32S Module, RS232 Interface, 40-pin

NC12MAXC32 USB QuickStart Package
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NC12MAXC32 USB QuickStart Package

Order Code: NC12MAXC32QSPU
Price: USD $72.00

Product Info

This cost-effective package includes only the most essential items to get you up and running with NanoCore12MAX fast when using USB communications:

  • a NanoCore12MAXC32ST TTL-level module
  • a breadboard-compatible USB module
    • on-board 3.3V regulator
    • jumper-selectable 3V or 5V power to your breadboard, enables you to run at 3V, if desired
    • poly-fuse protected
  • a USB cable
  • the Using Your QuickStart Package document

You supply the breadboard and components for your project. Your PC's USB port supplies the power.  Download software, manual, data sheets, and examples from the website.

When used with the free Special Edition of CodeWarrior, this makes an extremely cost-effective, easy-to-use package!

Product Details

Module Features:

  • based on the 9S12C32 MCU
  • includes 8 Mhz crystal
  • 24 MHz bus speed (via PLL)
  • local 5 Volt low-dropout 100 mA regulator
  • TTL-level TX and RX pins
  • on-chip Serial Monitor
  • supports standalone operation
  • 32K Bytes Flash
  • 2K Bytes Ram
  • 40-pin DIP form-factor
  • 0.025" (0.64mm) gold-plated square pins


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