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Pinout swapper, 50-pin
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Pinout swapper, 50-pin

Order Code: MIRROR50
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Product Info

  Pinout swapper for all Adapt11, Adapt12, and Adapt9S12 families

This adapter transforms older application cards to a mirror-image pinout so that they can be used in a planar configuration.
Here is a list of the application boards:

  • #AD12XYSM Adapt12 X-Y Stepper Motor Driver
  • #AD12DXXYZSM Adapt812DX 3-axis Stepper Motor Driver
  • #AD12DAC 12-bit 4-channel DAC card
  • #AD12DAS 32-channel Data Acquisition card
These boards plug onto H1 of your MCU card, via the MIRROR50 adapter. MIRROR50 has two connectors, P1 and P3, which mate with your MCU card and Application card, respectively. Choose the appropriate connector configuration for your application when ordering. For example, if your MCU card has RA1 connector style on H1, you'll need a MIRROR50 with FRA1 on P1 and RA1 on P3. See photos for details.



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