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USB-to-XBee Interface Adapter
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USB-to-XBee Interface Adapter

Order Code: USB2X
Price: USD $24.00

Product Info

  This interface adapter configuration supports USB connection to a user-supplied XBee RF module, and serves two purposes:

  1. XBee firmware updating: USB interface and socket strips for XBee module, along with handshaking lines and reset button to support easy firmware updates. Use it to configure and deploy XBee modules
  2. Connects a USB-equipped host computer to a user-supplied XBee module in a wireless network of XBee modules

Product Details

    • standard miniB USB connector
    • activity LEDs provided for RX and TX monitoring
    • 500mA polyfuse protects host computer's USB port from accidental shorts
    • 2mm socket strips accept XBee and XBeePro modules
    • Reset button for XBee
    • small footprint (approx. 1.0x1.5 inches; 25x37 mm)





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