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68HC11 Courseware, Volume 2
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68HC11 Courseware, Volume 2

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Product Info

This volume focuses on the Adapt11 Memory-mapped Interface Board (AD11MIB) populated with four 7-segment displays, Bargraph LEDs, Switches, Temperature Sensor, Light Sensor, Speaker, and Infrared Transceiver system. Since the devices on the 'MIB are memory-mapped, most can be manipulated directly by using just the BUFFALO monitor, without the need for any programming. Having this type of access, lets you play around with these devices first, before you need to program them.

Assumes the student has already completed Volume 1 and acquired the related hardware (i.e. AD11EVBUSC1)

Requires interface hardware kit (#AD11MIB-MIN)

Product Details

Topics include:

1. Formatting the PC Screen so that it can display selected MIB device information (using built-in Buffalo Subroutines), and ANSI Escape Sequences.
2. Asynchronous Serial concepts using the Serial Communications Interface
3. Software Time Delays
4. Led and Switch Interfacing
5. 7 Segment Display interfacing including the use of look up tables to send various patterns to the displays
6. Sending sounds and tunes to the speaker
7. Using Interrupts and Interrupt Service Routines
8. Using the A/D Converter Subsystem to acquire Temperature Sensor, Light Sensor, and other external Analog values.
9. Using the Infrared Transmitter and Receiver to:
  • Communicate Temperature between MIBs
  • Take Input from TV, VCR, and other remotes, then map it to PC Keys and control these devices with your PC Keyboard

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