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NanoCore12 ZVC DIP module, USBNanoCore12-School-Board

NanoCore12-School-Board with USB retrofit
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NanoCore12-School-Board with USB retrofit

Order Code: NC12SB-UR
Price: USD $89.00

Product Info

  • convenient platform for programming and experimenting with TTL versions of NanoCore12 MCU modules via USB
  • generous solderless breadboard section for easy assembly and disassembly of interface circuits
  • includes power distribution strips, for easier circuit construction
  • USB2MCU retrofit for communication with personal computer
  • 5V power derived from host PC's USB port
  • 3.3V operation also possible via onboard regulator
  • polarized power connector to prevent reverse polarity application by user
  • barrel jack and 9V battery clips provided for mobile operation (i.e. when USB not connected)
  • convenient oscilloscope grounding point
  • high-efficiency green LED power indicator
  • reset button
  • durable socket strips, for easy and safe insertionand removal of MCU module
  • multiple socket strips provided, to accommodate all NanoCore12 module sizes (i.e. 24-, 32-, and 40-pin)
  • dual red user LEDs (PT0, PT1)
  • each NanoCore12 signal brought out to two connection points adjacent to breadboard via dual 68-pin receptacles
  • 3-pin CAN connector for use with 40-pin MCU Modules (i.e. NC12MAXC32ST and NC12MAXC128ST)
  • supplied with rubber feet (nylon standoffs optional)
  • same mounting holes as Parallax Board of Education┬«, for easy use with BOE Bot, Rogue Blue, etc.
  • NanoCore12 modules are not included (order separately)


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