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XBee-to-RS232 Interface AdapterXBee radio module, ZigBee, chip antenna

XBee radio module, Series 1, chip antenna
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XBee radio module, Series 1, chip antenna

Order Code: XB24-ACI-001
Price: USD $29.00

Digi International's XBee modules are low-cost popular digital transceiver modules for wireless networking, and are offered in various configurations.

This module operates in the unlicensed 2.4GHz band and has a average range of 30m (100 ft.). Two of these modules can be used "out-of-the-box" to implement a secure wireless serial connection. Note: this product operates at 3V. If you plan to use it in a 5V system, you will need to provide voltage-level translation for safe operation.

We have created a number of handy adapters for use with this module, including USB-to-XBee, XBee-to-RS232, XBee-to-solderless breadboard, and a 4-channel 3V/5V level-shifter breakout board. Check them out in the Breakout Boards category, at the left.


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