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ESP12 WiFi Breakout Board
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ESP12 WiFi Breakout Board

Order Code: BOBESP12
Price: USD $12.00


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Product Info

ESP12 modules are low-cost popular modules for adding WiFi to embedded projects to implement Iot, but the surface-mount modules are a little difficult to work with. BOBESP12 is designed to solve this problem. This product follows our trademark vertical design approach for breadboard adapters, leaving the breadboard tie-points readily accessible (when ordered with SB connector option).  In addition to the ESP12 WiFi module, the board includes a 3.3V regulator, filter capacitors, and pullup resistors.  It can be used in either a 5-Volt or 3.3-Volt system. The standard connector style is "SB", which has a 22-pin narrow DIP footprint. However, it can be ordered with some of our other standard connector options instead, if you prefer.

  • when you select the SB connector option:
    • the WiFi module plugs as easily as a DIP into your breadboard and have the same pin-numbering scheme
    • pin rows are spaced 0.3" apart to plug into standard solderless breadboard
    • it takes minimum real estate on breadboard
    • it gives maximum access to breadboard tie-points
  • perfect for students, technicians, engineers, and hobbyists
  • includes FCC-approved and tested ESP12-F WiFi module, based on ESP8266
  • on-board 3.3-Volt regulator circuit for use with 5-Volt systems; for 3.3-Volt systems, simply add a zero-Ohm resistor to bypass the regulator
  • compact vertical design
  • gold-plated 0.025" square-pin right-angle header terminations
  • quality 2-layer FR-4 board
  • same pin-numbering scheme as DIP package (pin numbers ascending counterclockwise from lower left corner)
  • when you select M, M1, RA, or RA1 connector options, it's compatible with a ribbon cable, so you can orient the module for best reception

Select the either the RA or M1 connector option if you want to use it with Esduino or EsduinoXtreme (you'll need to solder a mating HDR20-FRA connector onto your Esduino/Xtreme).  Note that only 20 pins are required for interface to Esduino/Xtreme (pins 1 and 22 must be left unconnected, leaving the remaining 20 pins of the header interfacing to the 20-pin header on Esduino).

For standalone breadboard use, our USB2NCT interface provides a convenient way to interface the module to the USB port of your PC.

Connector Options

Connector styles are similar to those available on MicroStamp11, but some styles are not offered for BOBESP12.  Click here to see what they look like.


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