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Arduino Prototyping Shield BundleArduino UNO-compatible Prototyping Shield 11

Arduino UNO Prototyping Shield Bundle
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Arduino UNO Prototyping Shield Bundle

Order Code: ARPRO-BDL2
Price: USD $7.50

Bundle consists of one each of ARPRO11, ARPRO12, ARPRO13, and ARPRO14 prototyping shields.  These shields allow for the extra pins added to Arduino UNO rev. 3, Leonardo, EsduinoXtreme, Freedom boards, etc.  They also have dual-row header patterns to accommodate those Freedom boards which include dual-row headers.

Each prototyping shield has a different standard pattern of holes on a 0.1" (2.54mm) grid.  ARPRO11 consists of a classic "sea-of-holes" layout.  ARPRO12 has a series of vertically-oriented interconnected 3-hole strips, while ARPRO13 is similar but with 4-hole strips, while ARPRO14 has horizontally-oriented 4-hole strips.  In all designs, each of the header pins is isolated.  Either stackable headers or male header pins can be soldered into the header patterns.

To construct a circuit, plug the components into the holes, as desired.  Then interconnect circuit nodes with 30AWG wire-wrap wire.  To do this, simply strip a small amount of insulation from the end of the wire and solder it to the header pin or the component pin to complete the circuit.

Pad arrangements of the prototyping shields can be found here.


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