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Matrix Keypad, 3x4Keypad, 4x4, Hex, Membrane Style

Matrix Keypad, 4x4
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Matrix Keypad, 4x4

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- 8-pin connector (0.025" square pins)
- easy pin connections for breadboard, ribbon cable, etc.
- corner mounting holes
- compatible with #2 mounting hardware (not included)


This keypad has the connector on the rear, along the bottom edge, as shown in the photos. It consists of a single strip of eight square pins, on 0.1-inch centers. Here are some ideas for making connections:
- wire-wrapping
- plug into a solderless breadboard
- plug into one half of a 16-pin DIP socket
- plug one row of a 16-pin ribbon cable over the pins and the other end to pins in your project board

A rough schematic of the keypad can be found here, showing the row and column pinouts:



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